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Life is short and for some simple but you should never take it for granted (or maybe you should) confused? me too

I didnt want to move back then, I knew I would miss my friends but I always thought I would see them again...however nearly 10 years passed with no communication. It could be that the thought of speaking or seeing them all again would make me too sad and I was having a bad enough time trying to it into this new environment without having extra sadness of wanting to go back. I missed everyone so mcuh much tried not to think about it all too much which may sound bad to you but I never and never will forgot them all ever.

light at the end of a very doomfilled tunnel (how depressing does that sound)
Facebook is an awesome thing even if it is a huge timewasting devices and possibly the reason why I dont revise enough for exams.

It was facebook that allowed me to reconnect myself to my past and allowed me to reconnect with some of the people that I thought I would never see again. Although people move on and move away there is always something that unites you eternally to them... your history I will from now on try not to lose the connection I know have to these people those years we spent together were some the happiest I have ever known and most definatly irreplacable.

Slowly I am attempting to meetup with all my old buddies and it will happen if one sets ones heart to it. I am determined to keep hold of my past whilst always looking to the future. you shouldn't keep yourself stuck in the past but always look to the future but also you hope that something from the past is also in your future.

ok ok I am getting a little philsophical now sorry but I am so happy to have finally have had a reunion with one of my best friends from primary school who probably didnt understand why I suddenly disappeared without saying goodbye. That is not the way I wanted it to be and I hope they know this. My parents wanted to get away with the least amount of fuss and also me getting the chicken pox was just real bad luck because it meant that I didn't finish the year and therefore didnt get to say my goodbyes:( I miss and love you guys so much and I am sorry sam for giving you the chicken pox take em as a goodbye present from me lol best to get em whilst you were still young haha ...but seriously I dont think it was a goodbye but a see ya later sorry that it was so much later but glad you didnt reject me.

you guys all seemed have done well for yourselves odd that I move back to my old homeland just as you all move away but thats life for you. BUT nothing is impossible and that we will see each other again...REUNION!!! maybe not everyone and maybe not everything/everyone will be the same...things change I accept it though I often dont like it.

*huggles* to all of ya loves you all

we'll always have PG!! X X X X X

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