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19 October
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Hi my name is Rachel, tho people often refer to me by nicknames or shorten versions of my name. AND that Rachel with and EL not AEL or EAL... so often I have it spelt wrong most bizzare spelling I ever got was Rechal...wow thats definatly different.
nicknames include;
Rafael~ which is shorten to Raf, Rafi or Raph (if your Trendy (Trendi) thats the nickname that is given to my friend Antony if you were wondering..wasnt saying that you have to be a trendy person to shorten it to Raph) anyway not quite sure haow this nickname came into being all I know is that Hayley kinda blurted it out during a chemistry lesson in college and it stuck so much so that even the teacher (wendy such a legend) started to call me by it (she did the same thing for trendy) Actually Hayley is pretty good at making up nicknames for people...for instance megan became Meghead for know why I dont it just happened

Another nickname for me is lilo...think this one orginates from year 9 which some guy in my english class (think he was called Chris) asked if I was hawaiian or had ever been there...he this because apparently I look like Lilo off of lilo and stitch the disney programme. I am often asked where I am from ....one girl asked me in the most bizzare way she just said ...'What are you?' I mean how do u answer that....I am half chinese for those who dont know, my mum comes from Hong Kong. This accounts for my almost black hair and dark eyes.

Well right now I am at university (in manchester) 'studying' biomedical materials science... yes its a mouthful and often a brainful too but tis fun (most of the time) and most people cant remember what I am studying...but Janey my flatmate (atm) seems to remember all the time which amazes me... and yes I know I live soooo close (close being the ghetto tht is stockport) yet I live in halls so many dont understand this concept but u gotta admit the freedom is awesome and well if ya parents are willing pay then who gonna say no eh so I am now living back in my original home town MANCHESTER which I sadly left nearly 10 years ago well moved oout of but I never truly left coz its AWESOME!!! I support the only true team to come from manchester ( every offence intended ~jokin unless ur Lesley) Manchester city and I am proud of it currently looking for a house to live in next year....gonna be amazing when I actually get one *fingers crossed*

just realised that all that stuff was last year now I am currently living in the formentioned house yes I found one yhay! BUT it looks like I will have to look for another one :( stupid landlord oh well house hunting is fun but packing and moving is not

Also I am a fan of the maple leafs ( the canadian hockey team not the tree though they r great too) and I know Dan ur team the canucks may be doing better AT THE MOMENT (in the league table)but we still rule so there
*rambles* oh I have a tenenacy to ramble...have trouble spelling usually with long words but the short ones can puzzle me tooo!!! oh and have a habit of telling ppl random stuff that has just occured whether they wnted to know or not.

Now the Cake ninja wanted to say a few words without disclosing 'its' true identity
so here it is...
Hi everyone, I am the all powerful immortal being that is the true ruler of all things cake related. I came into existance in late 2005 and I have become an important part of everyones life (mostly thoses from Amerika)
my activites include;
sleeping, eating cake, doing every that is in anyway cake related , fight the bad guys etc
scaring ciaran by appearing with him noticing and then scaring the crap out of him its fun, being a ninja is utter most important of course, ninja training, cakeninja training, badger training, mastering all european languages ( this is something that only Fiona will understand), all martial arts are a most know, being stealthy ~ uber important...almost as important as protected cake from illegal cake eaters and cake destroys ( ie Frazer and Luke ( esp when custard is involved)) one very important fact ...if the cake is designated for Manda it can not have any chocolate and well somemone I know ...well lets just say ...raisins in a cake big no no. Me however loves all cake XD
I shall leave you with some wise words that someone once said
"always wear your cake"
and remember I am always there and here I AM THE ALMIGHTY CAKE NINJA AND ALL SHOULD OBEY ME OR FEEL THE WRATH OF MY FROSTING !!!! and I will always have a DUCK watching you !!!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA C.N

well thanks for that ...wise words as always ....well bye everyone till next time and beware of those badgers ..they bite!!! xXx
badminton, being sarcastic, cake, canada, chocolate brownies, cybercandy.com, draw odd doodles, free running/parkour and bboy, ice hockey, krispy kremes, making extremly long lists, not drinking, not sleeping, photography (digtal), pizza hut, reading and drawing manga, ryan stiles, swimming, taking weird pictures, tim houtons, toronto maple leafs, travelling, watching anime